Covid-19 Regulations

According to the regulations of the minister of health, the management decided to go with the following regulations:


  • Coaches must check with their teams for the player’s vaccination certificates/negative tests


  • For non-vaccinated players: Rapid test must be done before the game, which will be provided by the club
  • Those free tests are only for the players and not spectators (regulated by the ministry and is punishable if not followed)
  • Every test must be documented and forwarded to the club when requested. Please always keep this form with you
  • This counts for home and away games!


  • In case a Covid-Check is organized by the club, players and spectators and referees must be able to provide their certificates or a valid negative test. Spectators without said certificate or test must pay for a rapid test on the spot
  • Given all that, people can take off their masks and a bar can be made


  • In case a Covid-Check is not organized by the club, spectators must keep their masks on and keep the distance, no bar is allowed


  • The Coaches must inform the club how many tests they will need for their games, and they will be given to them


  • The rules allow the players to play while wearing a mask in case a player wishes to do so